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Pricing Digital Art


  • Your work is uniquely yours, no doubt about it.  At a glance, people can tell it’s your work. (Often called “style”  ;) )
  • Your work is professional in quality (No unintended pixelation, not “obviously [insert program name]) (I feel another story coming up, but I’ll spare you.)

Price just over what your direct competitors are asking until you begin to become popular.  Remember, digital art covers every style and genre plus has an endless variety of its own unique ones.  Now, work to get the exposure you need to sell your art by putting yourself out in front of buyers:

  • on the Internet…but NOT in “low market zones” and certainly not *shudder* on ebay. (NO NOT NEVER.)
  • by donating your work to charity auction fund raisers
  • doing one-sheet and brochure mailings to shops you would like to handle your work (professional-looking one-sheets and brochures, that is, which shouldn’t have to be mentioned, but I will anyway.)

That’s a start and will take you a good six months to ice that much.

Next, once you start selling well, start raising your prices so that your prices reflect the increasing value of your work.

And, I will say it ONE MORE TIME HERE:  NEVER SELL ALL RIGHTS, or even any of your copyright yourself.  If you’ve got a potential “sweet” deal, get an agent or intellectual properties lawyer to handle the negotiations and contract.  Do NOT do it yourself. 

But what are you selling?  Anything that your work looks good on or in.  Don’t put it on anything that doesn’t show it off to its best advantage.  

There’s a solid start for you…but it isn’t anything new.  Everybody is doing it.  You just have to be persistent, and you have to have a “look” that people are drawn to.  That’s YOUR job.  The sales will follow.

BTW, if you already have collectors of your work, then you also have a good “in” to their circle of influence…which nets you a bigger circle of influence once you start mining it. It works like ripples in water, especially when the drops keep getting faster and bigger. 

BEWARE: The “biz” end can wind up eating the art right out of you.  It did me.  I’m just now getting a bit of control back.  I warn you ahead of time.  The “biz” will run you ragged and into the grave if you aren’t careful.


by DLKeur, article originally posted on art-blog on March 11, 2007



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