“Do You Still…”

Short Answer: Yes. Sometimes. Maybe. No.

Long Answer:
I still do work for my long-time clients, yes. And, yes, I sometimes take on new clients. Would I consider taking you on as a client? Maybe. Depends on how well we get along during the interview process. Will I work for pennies on the dollar? Absolutely NOT. Nor will I work for wafflers, procrastinators, shirkers, or skinflints.

Graphic art projects require me using my skills and my talent to try to create either something you’ve got in your head and are trying to communicate to me, or else taking shots in the dark to try to come up with something you might like. Very rarely are you willing to let me, the artist, ‘do art’. I’m supposed to be a machine, plugged into your desires, to produce what you want, but most of you haven’t any real clue what you want, much less what works. Plus, most of you don’t want to spend the money someone who lives in a ‘first world’ country must charge to work on your project. So my suggestion is to use the tools provided you by various services around the Net or go hire someone from one of the freelance sites like Fiverr.com.

Things I do: videography, vector graphics (art created using vectors is suitable for everything from etching inside a wedding band to tiny business cards to custom car paint jobs to billboards), and, of course, raster images. Minimum charge is $150 USD for me to even open up a file for the project, half down due before I will start (non-refundable), balance due upon completion of the project. You’ll receive the final, clean, unwatermarked files once you pay your bill in full. Copyright is always yours, because this is a work-for-hire contract, any model releases notarized and sent to you via delivery confirmation/signature required.

Am I hungry for clients or work? No. Sorry. Go find a starving third-worlder.

The 20% Solution

An author friend of mine who does her own covers just got her print proof back from CreateSpace. She suffered a shock. What, in eBook, looked great, what came in through the mail was a lot different–namely darker.

Yeah. That happens. Remember: there’s a lightbulb behind the eBook cover, the light that makes your screen glow. There’s no lightbulb sandwiched into the dead-tree cover of your trade paperback or hardcover.

Solution: Raise the levels by 0% to 30%, usually, on average, about 15-20%. Lighter covers require less, dark covers require more. Then, before uploading your cover to CreateSpace, take it down to your local professional print shop and spend $15 to see if it’s how you want it.

New Abstract Graphic Art Available.

If interested, simply contact me via my contact form with link reference: /2016/09/new-abstract-graphic-art-available/ This one is set up for an eBook cover, but can be adjusted to suit. Non exclusive single application use: $30.

Another God’s Eye Nebula Image

Available for single use, non-exclusive purchase for $30 an instance. Single use means that you can use it for a single project like a book, CD, plus for any advertising, but not for ancillary products like cups and t-shirts. If you want to use it for ancillary products, too, then the cost is $100 for non-exclusive use. Contact me if interested and reference this post ID.


A Free Book Cover for Download

GldBallsCrp2-100No longer available. This image has been claimed.

I was doing some example work-ups for a client. This is one of them, and, since it uses a public domain image, I’m offering the eBook cover for free to the first person to request it. If you want text added, it’s $69, but it’s easy for you to do that yourself to save yourself the cost. The downloadable front cover file is 6 1/8″ (the bleed on the image’s right edge) by 9 1/4″ (1/8th” bleed top and bottom.)  UPDATE: This image has a home and is no longer available.



Yesterday’s Art

Did this while waiting for a debugging script to do its work. It’s not my usual, but it suited the U.S. news. I named it Urbane, and, for me, it represents the anger I see throughout urban America.  It loses a lot of its clarity in its compressed, reduced size web version, but that can’t be helped due to the limitations for reasonable load times. Even with judicious compression and size reduction, this file is too large.