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About D. L. Keur's limited editions and reserve special editions.

I sell prints of my work only as exclusive Limited Editions and Reserve Special Editions, all but one being previously unprinted works, that one, City 2000, having sold one copy from an unprotected gallery -- my mistake. While you can get products with my images on them, such as my calendars or my books, you can't find any open edition prints of my work. In fact, you can only get my limited edition and Reserve Special Edition works online from me, and, when available, from a few select brick-and-mortar art galleries.  Even then, that print you get from an art gallery comes from me, part of that work's only limited edition or Reserve Special Edition printing. It is shipped to that art gallery from me, the provenance tracked and recorded.  This is to protect the art and to protect you, the buyer.

Limited Editions

My limited editions are produced on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Pearl or Satin Luster using the Ultra-Chrome K3 pigmented inkset from Epson.

  • Hahnemuhle Fine Art Pearl is a triple coated, 100% lignin free alpha-cellulose 285GSM paper. It is an internally buffered, age resistant, acid-free paper with a surface that is remarkably similar to a traditional silver gelatin double-weight photo paper, perfect for digital fine art prints. Hahnemühle FineArt Pearl is proven to be significantly superior in D-Max (2.88), white point and surface structure.
  • Satin Luster is a high quality 11 mil 300GSM paper with an archival rating of 150 years and a very high color gamut. This is a superior paper for digital giclee prints.
  • Ultra-Chrome K3 pigmented inkset from Epson is the same system commonly found in museums, art galleries, and photographic galleries. The Epson system of inks have received lightfast permanence ratings from the Wilhelm Research Institute that well exceed 100 yrs with proper UV protection.

Each print is itself one-of-a kind.

Each print is inspected by me before it is hand-signed and numbered. What makes each print unique and one-of-a-kind, different from any other in the edition is the unique remarque I add to each one. (A remarque is a small sketch in the margin of an art print, or additional enhancements by the artist on some or all of the final prints within an edition, usually a small personalized drawing or symbol near my signature in the lower margin. The practice is borrowed from Whister's famous "butterfly" which was added to personalize many of his graphics.)

A Certificate of Authenticity is provided along with your bill of sale.

When purchasing one of my limited editions, you get:

  • Insured, tracked, free shipping - All prints ship free and fully insured with a tracking number via USPS, UPS, Fed-Ex, or DHL. These ship to your door, and require your signature. I will ship only to Alaska, Hawaii, and the continental U.S., Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. No sales or shipments to any other country unless special arrangements are made by the buyer.
  • Fraud proof, secure sales through escrow.com, one of the most trusted online escrow companies.


Reserve Special Editions

These are planned as the only other potential reproduction of any work -- a very exclusive, very high end edition of ten prints. Presently, I'm looking at the BookSmart Fine Art Metals™ process. However, until I test it extensively and learn much more about this printing process, especially its stability, longevity, and archival properties, I won't be offering them.




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