Principles of Shaolin Kung Fu


  • A young tree bends in the wind, then snaps back with force.
  • Centered be.
  • Breath.
  • Natural movement holds all key.
  • Be not there.
  • If attacked, place self in position of advantage while allowing opponent to to enter position of disadvantage
  • Every block a strike and every strike a block
  • No ego - seek not gratification of self, yet seek not to humiliate self before others
  • Action, not reaction
  • Maintain self-integrity, never compromising self to any other.
  • One's purpose is not to fight, but to end confrontation by any means necessary, utilizing only enough means to end confrontation. Never more.
  • The idea, "to win," is not recognized to have foundation except as expression of ego, therefore do discard such notion.
  • Only self-defense, no self-offense.
  • Seek not to harm others, but only to protect self from violation by others.
  • The chi follows the mind in harmony with the breath
  • The internal reflects the external
  • Learning Shaolin, one learns the physical movments which change the internal. Having gained the internal, the external is manifest.
  • No technique, only principle.
  • It is said, be like water, and like wind, and flame, and earth and stone....
  • Target / technique presents itself - The end dictates the means, and the means dictates the tools, for, when attacked, the opponent presents his own best weakness. Know that any technique/body movement is correct provided that it does not violate the principles of self-defense / self-protection.


Principles of Shaolin Kung Fu

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