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About F. W. Lineberry (Forrest)

Forrest brings in the mail …and a lot more (Lifeway teacher, martial arts expert, musician, composer, arranger, guitarist, player, performer …teacher).

If you want to know more about Forrest, visit his personal website, FWLineberry.com.

About D. L. Keur (Dawn)

An author, artist, musician, and expert horsewoman, Dawn holds in her personal repertoire myriad other talents and skills. As a practicing zentaoist, she applies those life principles to every project and activity to which she turns her focus. And that focus is extreme, sometimes spanning more than ten hours of no awareness whatsoever of anything beyond the scope of that endeavor, even if just mucking stalls, pulling weeds, or sweeping the floor.

“It’s a zen immersion in doing that permits me to ‘become’ what I’m doing or creating, and it’s a beautiful experience. Magical things happen when you just be and do in the moment, letting go and letting Tao. My best happens when I’m completely and utterly immersed in being-doing, whether it’s my writing, my art, my musical performances, but, especially, my best rides — me and the horse moving in a voluntarily complete and coordinated unity.”


“I’m a very dynamic, even dramatic, expression who embraces ‘The Way’ …which is actually an unformed edge, a solidity that only forms at the moment that you step. Entering that edge, walking that seam, is what permits, for me, the ultimate experience in being and doing my Self. My art is me — my life as art — Tao Dancing Zen moment.”

If you want to know more about Dawn, visit her personal website, DLKeur.com. If you desire her graphic art skills for your project, go here, instead. (Another part of zentao.com, devoted to professional graphic art with D. L. Keur [opens in new tab or window])

SoulFire by DLKeur 1997

SoulFire by DLKeur 1997


We are what we do,
And what we do is create…
In almost every medium.We are Warriors,
On a Path–
Our Path.
It is our Lifeway.

We love. We live. We are.
And we believe in Magic–
The magic imbued
In each and every Self.


Forrest and Dawn in the late 1990s.