On this site, you won’t find advertising. You won’t be barraged by duns or pop-ups, -overs, or -unders. We use nothing invasive on this website. Likewise, you won’t find us chasing after you. We do have a private announcement list to which you can subscribe. You can sign up for it, but we never push it, because pushing is something both of us abhor and avoid. We are as respectful of your space and time and your privacy as we are of our own.

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Our original privacy statement still stands:

We believe in the individual’s right to privacy, such level of privacy determined, not by any government, but by the individual themselves.


We neither share nor purposely collect secret data about visitors to our pages. Any information you purposely or inadvertently leave by visiting our site, our host server, or which you give us will never be sold or disseminated by us in anyway for our own or another’s use, except by express permission of the owner of such information, YOU. Were we to be subpoenaed to release any information we may have been given under confidentiality or which our server may have inadvertently gathered, we will fight against such release to the best of our ability.