Welcome to zentao. This isn’t ‘just another website’. This is us — me, D. L. Keur (Dawn) and F. W. Lineberry (Forrest). We’re a lot of things. We have a lot of talents. We’ve done and do myriad activities, but all informed by our lifeway, zentao. We love, live, and cherish. And this website is about that — the zentao lifeway — our lifeway, and how it informs our being and doing …how it can inform yours.

On this site, you won’t find advertising. You won’t be barraged by duns or pop-ups, -overs, or -unders. We use nothing invasive on this website. Likewise, you won’t find us chasing after you. We do have a private announcement list to which you can subscribe. You can sign up for it, but we never push it, because pushing is something both of us abhor and avoid. We are as respectful of your space and time as we are of our own. We’re also as respectful of your privacy as we are of our own.

This isn’t a ‘noisy’ website, though sound and imagery will, in time, make up a great bulk of its content. zentao.com reflects our nature — a quiet, yet dynamic ‘aliveness’ — deeply moving, yet silent …still. Like a forest, like a pool of water in that forest …like the ocean at its most peaceful or tumultuous, even like a calm or stormy day, either one, embraced from the summit of a mountain in the wilderness.To learn about our lifeway, you can start here: zentao, the lifeway.

For those wondering what happened to all the other things that used to be here on zentao.com — the guitar lessons, the graphic art help, the website design and development content …and more, it’s all still here, buried deep underneath. We’re taking zentao.com back to its original purpose — to present the essence of zentao.

For graphic art help, along with our other services, we’re relaunching zentao7, which is also being turned to its original purpose, which was to offer our lifeworks and abilities for those who desire our help. It’s not ready, yet, so you’ll still find my graphic art pages here, on zentao.com.

The music end? Forrest is reworking his guitar lessons and music theory pages. In time, as he gets finished editing and updating them, you will find them on his website, FWLineberry.com.