Who We Are

We are what we do,
And what we do is create...
In almost every medium.

We are Warriors,
On a Path --
Our Path.
It is our Lifeway.

We love. We live. We are.
And we believe in Magic --
The magic inbued
In each and every Self.


We have a vision - a vision that is based on honor, integrity, and virtue.

We believe in a free, open, and unregulated internet.

We believe in freedom of information.

We believe in the individual's right to privacy, such level of privacy determined, not by any government, but by the individual themselves.

We believe in the right to freedom of existence, self-determination, and non-interference.

We believe in freedom of belief, thought and self-expression, provided that such self-expression does not bring physical harm to others or violate another's right to a self-determinate existance and freedom of belief, thought and self-expression, others being defined as all things living and non-living.





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