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Thoughts on digital art

I think digital art is the medium of choice for those of us who wish to make a living from our art without resorting to having to play the NEA game or the dirty politics of becoming "in" amongst the "Who's Who" crowd, most of which requires not so much art as chicanery, in my opinion...and, for those of you who shine a baleful eye at the work chicanery, click here to read Picasso's own words concerning the subject: Picasso Confesses

Digital art is here to stay, and doing it well requires an exceptional skill and knowledge of computers, software, AND traditional techniques of drawing, painting, and sculpting, not to mention mathematics and pre-press operations.

But I don't think that art created in RW media will ever die. It is the nature of human to emote, to communicate the unsayable, and to record his perceptions into substantive form.

Me? I grew up with paper in front of me, drawing away with crayon, then pencil, then charcoal, then pen and ink until graduating to brush and easel. I grew up with modeling clay and graduated to blue clay, stone and wood...and even Portland cement sometimes. But digital lets me explore new ways of creating, new ways of seeing, new potentials and possibilities. Digital also allows me to create things that heretofore I could visualize in my mind, but never create in RW media. And digital also lets me create the visions of my dreams more accurately in their portrayal then ever I could within reasonable time constraints imposed by life and husband...I can save an image and pick it back up months later without worry, a luxury that often eluded me in Real Media. And so I love both, digital and RW. But digital has set me free to do art again, and that is a blessing too long denied by life.


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