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Pre-made Graphic Art

Original, ready-made, unique artwork at a very reasonable price and a bonus of exceptional terms.

Catalog of Available Pre-Made Book Covers

TERMS: When you purchase pre-made artwork from me, you receive exclusive license to use that image for your product and its promotion. That image is yours to use on your product, book, CD or DVD for as long as that specific product exists, including subsequent editions or versions of the work.

Yes, this policy is much more generous than most, because, quite honestly, I don't think you ought to have to fret and worry that you're going to have to secure new artwork or pay more for what you already have, if, say, you decide to re-release a new edition of your book or CD/DVD a couple of years down the road. When it comes to products and packaging, the same applies. If you put out a modified or updated version of, say, software, for instance, no, you don't have to get new artwork or re-pay for the artwork you've already got. Changes to the artwork are not included in this policy. Those, yes, you would have to pay for, but the cost would be fair and modest if the changes don't require a complete revision of the artwork at foundation levels. In those cases, it would either be a modest flat fee or an hourly charge for requested changes.

Prices for pre-made graphic art are as marked, but start as low as $19. For book covers, which start at $30 and average $129, spines are set to a generous width. Purchase of a book cover entitles you to one free spine adjustment.

Options include:

  • typesetting
  • book cover includes one free spine adjustment; additional spine adjustments, if needed, are available at $15 per instance.
  • template mounting—mounting the artwork inside your specific printer's, publisher's, or manufacturer's template: $15 per instance. (You must provide me with the specific template, which you secure from your manufacturer/printer/publisher.)
  • customizing—by quote

Catalog of Available Pre-Made Book Covers


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This page was created June 2012 and uploaded on November 1, 2012.