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Guitar Lessons

All Guitar Lessons Forrest made way back when, Lessons 1 – 9, are here, now, with all their parts intact …I hope. -DLKeur, wife and webmaster for StoneDragon, aka F. W. Lineberry.

Free Guitar Lessons

These guitar lessons are arranged with the absolute beginner in mind. Each lesson builds upon the things you learn in the previous lesson. To get the most benefit, I would suggest that you start with lesson one and proceed to the next only when you have the previous lesson thoroughly learned. If you already have some guitar playing experience, You may want to scan the first few lessons to determine where you are best suited to start.

Also, these lessons assume that you are learning on an electric guitar, but an acoustic will work just fine. However, there are techniques here and there that will be difficult or impossible to play on an acoustic guitar. These sections can be skipped over without fear of compromising your own learning. It is also assumed that you are holding the guitar with your left hand on the fingerboard.

On the sidebar, you’ll see GUITAR LESSON [SOME NUMBER], then, under that heading, some indented sub-headings. The first page of the lesson starts on GUITAR LESSON [SOME NUMBER], the sub-heading pages carrying on from there with parts two through the end, so don’t skip the lead page of the lesson. 😀

If you run into problems or have questions, use the contact form here or on StoneDragon’s new website,

Keep in mind that the only secret to great guitar playing is a little knowledge and LOTS OF PRACTICE!!

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