free guitar lessons with Forrest W. Lineberry, aka StoneDragon

Inside the Music with Forrest W. Lineberry (StoneDragon)

This page is now fixed (except for Mr. Samson’s Practice Room). All the links work properly…I think.  –Dawn, Forrest’s (StoneDragon’s) wife and webmaster.

Guitar lessons for the absolute beginner, music theory for advanced guitar players–It’s all here at Inside the Music, and it’s all absolutely 100% free!! All you have to do is follow the links to the online lessons, tune up and dig in.

All the tools you need are here – chords, scales, licks, riffs, equipment tips, and songs. We’ve got songs in tab and standard notation. I’ll even teach you sight reading, so you don’t have to be a slave to tabulature.

Guitar Anatomy
A few things you’ll need to know about your new best friend.

Guitar Tab, Neck Diagrams, Chord Diagrams
The low-down on how to read the charts and diagrams used in these lessons. NOTE: There’s a new revised version of this page over at StoneDragon’s new website,

Guitar Lessons
A step-by-step series of lessons, designed with the absolute beginner in mind, but loaded with everything you’ll ever need to know about playing the guitar.

Music Theory for Experienced Guitar Players
If you already know how to play the guitar, but want to learn a few specific things, this is the place to go. Included are: scales, modes, chord theory, improvising over chord progressions, sight reading….

LEADS TO OLD PAGES MrSamson’s Practice Room
Not sure how to get the most from your guitar practice? Mr. “Practice Maniac” Samson takes you step-by-step through each lesson, as well as other resources for building your chops.

free online guitar lessons with StoneDragon. aka F. W. Lineberry
“The disgusting stink of a too-loud electric guitar…. Now, that’s my idea of a good time.” -Frank Zappa

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