Vacations are wonderful if you’re an artist who takes advantage of getting away from clients and their needs.  Late, late summer is a great time to do it, too, since schedules slow just a tad for those of us who don’t have to worry about getting Johnny or Suzie back to school or over to college.  (For those who DO have to worry that, do that last fling the first two weeks of August instead of the last, though.  It still works, even though coming home becomes a double scramble.)

Artist SHOULD take vacations — getting completely away from marketing work, from doing promotional gigs, from answering the phone (LEAVE THE CELL PHONE OFF!).  They should take their favorite media with them and simply do art on inspiration…or do none at all.  But before the jaunt, it is always wisest to have all pending projects completed.  (Do be organized.  Makes life a bit easier.  It really does.)

Beware, though, when you, the artist, gets home.  Backed up emails, a loaded answering machine, and tons of snail mail await you.  Be prepared to spend one entire week catching up and calming the frayed nerves of your clients, your collectors, your fans, and your colleagues.  Email?  Well, figure at LEAST two days to wade through it and answer the imperatives.  

And don’t be like me and come home only to have one’s other half wind up with a broken foot.  Makes for an extended scramble.

Back to work with pointers for artists tomorrow…after breakfast with friends, of course.