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Artwork Created Through 2003, a Gallery

I’ve pulled some of the images I have in old, non-compatible HTML galleries buried on  Here is one image and some composites containing artwork created back then:

This was the gallery start image, and, in this, I find it interesting that you can see the kind of work in the compositing itself that I was and am known for by my long-term clients.   Most of the work I do for them is for very high end glossy print production for varying projects, but that’s another topic, so I’ll just leave that there.

2003 gallery beginning image

This was my 2003 gallery’s intro- image

Next up was my favorite dragon. This is a direct recreation of what I said about/above him in the old presentation:

3D digital art is a study unto itself. A young art, it is still very much in the development stage with respect to software and in exploring the depth of potential of the media. 3D art is one of my favorite digital mediums to experiment with, working with light and shadow on objects, building impossible objects, and rendering images that literally jump through your monitor, such as this emerging dragon image which took me over a year to create, working on it intermittently when inspiration or a new technique to try on it struck me as having potential.

Go ahead. Pet his nose. He doesn’t bite…yet.

Dragon Head

By the way, my official name for this image is “Emerging Dragon.” It still is one of my favorites, though I believe the master file is long lost.  Maybe not, but….

If anyone is wondering, it’s a dragon emerging out of the hot mud of a Yellowstone mudpot–a big mudpot.  In your worst nightmare, right?  Not mine.  I’d love it.  He’s a gentle dragon, after all…unless you piss him off.  Then you become ‘crispy’.

The menu on this gallery went…and still goes like this:

Digital Graphic Art Gallery (2003)

The first sections was…

3D art …which is where the dragon head above is located.  Under 3D art came the subsection…

mindscapes, where this composite of my “mindscape” images appeared.

the mindscapes composite of more than several of my 3D artwork

Also under 3D art was a subsection called “urbs.”  This is the composite image of those works:

urbs composite image of various of my art work created back then

The next main section was landscapes.  Here’s that composite of those works:

Composite of landscapes artwork I created back then.

And next came the macabre section:

macabre art work pieces composited

That’s “Dragon Cage” on the left, an abstract depicting the skeletal remains of a dragon, specifically his rib cage, hipbone, and spine.

After macabre came “Spirit Art” and there was a whole series of these.  I only added a few to the composite–my favorites, of course.  I especially love the ghost humming bird, and, of course, “Maraya Remembered” is…well, it holds a very special place in my heart.

The first version of The Deepening, a pathway through the trees is there, too, and “Angel Eye” is another that’s very special for me.

Here’s that composite:

composite of some of my Spirit Art work

I never got around to uploading my religious art, so there was nothing under that section. I always meant to.  Just never made the time to go back.

And the last section was abstracts.  I didn’t make a composite of those, but was trying an odd DHTML script that employed a negative and positive checkerboard where you entered through the checkerboard negative to view the full sized image.  It didn’t work right, if I remember, so it was just thumbnails on a gold and black checkerboard.

Here’s a couple of screenshots of that, one cropped, one a full spread.  (Yes, the page filled the common-resolution browser window top to bottom and was designed to scroll sideways, an experiment in web design that, of course, failed. Nobody wants to scroll sideways. 



The contents of this web post comes from an old digital fine art gallery done in javascript, DHTML, and HTML. Its tree went like this:
Digital Fine Art Gallery (2003)
 A. 3D Art
  i. mindscapes
  ii. urbs
 B. landscapes
 C. macabre
 D. Spirit Art
 E. Religious Art (Empty)
 F. Abstract Art

Some of My Old Original Christmas Cards

This is one of those work in progress posts. As I find the cards, I’ll add them.'s Dawn & Forrest Original 2002 Christmas Card

Our 2002 Christmas Card

New Butterfly T-Shirts

The latest of my t-shirts available at RedBubble

DLKeur butterfly tee-shirt art
You can buy these shirts at RedBubble by clicking on the picture of the t-shirt you like or visit me on RedBubble.

DLKeur butterfly t-shirt art

DLKeur butterfly t-shirt art

J. L. Maxwell Book Cover

The art and book cover for J. L. Maxwell’s book cover, created for her novel “Unlawful Intrusion”:

Here’s a look at the original version of just the front cover and spine art before it was adjusted for the novel’s front cover:

You can buy the novel, Unlawful Intrusion, at

You can visit J. L. Maxwell on the Net at

Effective Art

As a professional graphic artist, when I work on a project, my job is to listen to what the client envisions and attend the client’s goals for that project.  The goal is usually common: get the target market’s attention, generate interest for the product, service, message, or entity that is the project’s focus.

The client’s goal usually falls into one of two or three categories, and, yes, sometimes several simultaneously:

  • FOLLOW: look a lot like something successful already on the market in order to siphon as much of the desired reward (money or interest) as possible from a clone;
  • COUNTER: provide an alternative to something successful, providing contrast, again to siphon reward;
  • LEAD: present something completely new and different.

Creating the artwork and design to effectively meet any of those goals is the graphic artist’s job…which is identical to the client’s–to fulfill a desire or a need…which is what most things boil down to in this life. 😀

Some Recent Artwork

Here are a sampling of two of my more recent art projects, one for a client, the other just for me.


This is the zentao logo emerging, shown in an earlier post and lines of inquiry, another of my digital conceptual art pieces combined here to make an interesting header for my personal website.  I like it because it does speak directly about my method and thought processes.

* * *

This work, a variation of a DLKeur original called Conception, but with the green background you see here was used by a new client named Jane Karsten as part of a DVD cover.

* * *

Here’s the actual DVD cover and disc label

* * *

And here’s the disk label, how it looks after printing and, below that, the actual file

* * *

And, of course, the insert