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Congratulations to David Riley, aka Revad

Congrats to Revad on being featured in the AN Magazine

Here’s a snap of his post about it:
revadfeatured5-1-2010 (redirects to his college blog at until June 2010)

He’s also got some cool stuff around the net. Check out Dave’s work.

Blogger Profile Interview:

Art Reviews blog officially open once more.

zentao trademark logoComing back after six months down time used to get well (well, almost, anyway), I moved the art reviews blog from NakedGenius over to zentao to its now permanent home.  But I needed to re-skin it to match.  First, though, I had to:

  • catch up over at NakedGenius on the ACC art and artists forum,
  • get the NG book done,
  • start a weekly art magazine

…before I had space to customize the theme, fix all the links and adjust the calls, and, generally get it updated.  I’m not quite done, yet, but we’re close enough to announce that art reviews will again be a regular feature here.

That Certain Spark

zentao trademarkI see a lot of artist’s work, both online and off.  I admire a lot of artists’ works, but rarely enough that I’ll actually be interested enough to do more than look, sometimes comment.  

Sometimes, though, a work…or several will spark something deep inside me.  It isn’t something I can really identify. It’s uncanny — a spark, an inner light, a vision, and personal, very touching intimacy that “speaks.” 

I found that this week in one woman’s work.  There is something inside her that reaches out, even through the presentations found on the Internet.  Here, there is something wonderful, intimate, uncanny.   There is life and soul.  There is wonder and the ability to see deeply, then express that grasp of what is the kernel of her subject in her art.  Her name is Lenora De Lude, and you can find her work at  

Especially notable are:

Her entire Black and White gallery

Her sunflowers and One Acorn Falls in her “art” gallery

  • Sunflower Face
  • Yellow Sunflower in Shimmering Blue
  • One Acorn Falls

and many of her Landscapes