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Are online artists communities good for an artist?

zentao trademarkToday, let’s look at online artists communities.  Are they good for you?  That depends on your needs.  If you want to sell art or to land an agent, no.  They won’t help you, except, of course, if someone there can refer you, which happens VERY rarely.  If you want a place to socialize, get feedback, discuss the art-world and trends, then yes.  But beware.

Online art groups, much like their real world cousins, are supposed to be places (depending on the resident hegemony and power clique) where you can find help for various art-related problems, emotional support from other artists, receive critiques, and can socialize.  They are great time wasters, though, so be advised. Also always remember that most of these communities require you to adhere to the “party line.” Deviate from that resident perspective, and you will find yourself unfairly branded in unflattering ways or shown the door.  An analogy would be a political forum claiming to be open to all political debate, but the resident “in” crowd is hostile to anything not completely applauding right-wing or left-wing demagoguery.  That isn’t the case for all online art communities, but finding good ones, open-minded ones, that suit you will require hours and days of “lurking.”  Mostly what you will find are online art communities which require membership to applaud and promote one specific perspective and all counter-perspectives are ridiculed, edited, or summarily deleted, their authors removed from the population. Also remember that some things are best left unsaid, even in democratic societies (These are few and far between.) because the site owner(s) must keep a strong rein on matters which could legally jeopardize them.