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Emergence 692005, Remastered

Emergence, pre-made book cover or CD/DVD cover, the core image

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Like I mentioned, I’m going through some of my files. Here’s one.

I go through artistic periods where certain themes and certain colors predominate. Emergence, originally rendered and mastered in 2005 is numbered among what I call my whimsies. Elegant, enigmatic, and very speculative, I was working on science fiction images when I got tired of doing stars, planets, and nebula, and this “emerged.”

For a very nice pre-made book cover, I add a sister image–that which it emerges from–as a background for the spine and back cover.

Emergence, the pre-made book cover version

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Today’s Failure

There’s a reason why I should stick to my decisions NOT to work outside my own preferences in graphic art. Here’s an example. This was a mock-up–a rough workup of an image–that I did in response to a request. Originally, the contact needed an image similar to one they already had, but changed enough so that it wouldn’t look like the other image which was copyrighted. I did my first mock-up and realized the image I had created was much too close to the original, so I did a second mock-up, sending it along to the client. Client asked for adjustments…and in that list was adding in a mermaid, a clipper ship, a waterfall, etc., etc., etc., none of which were in the original image. Now, the clipper ship was manageable, and, using stock images, so was the mermaid…except that they now wanted a blonde mermaid. Well, I tried. I really did, and the mermaid I created, from scratch, no less, actually is quite beautiful. The problem was my “clutter phobia” kicked in when I layered her in…and that ended the whole thing for me, right then and there. I emailed the client and sent them over to to find an artist there who does this kind of work as their personal style.

Here’s the image, and, remember, this is a rough-out, not a finalized, polished, clean image,…and without the mermaid.


Today’s First Art Project

I’ve decided it’s just probably best to do “recent projects” as I do them…when I can share them, that is. Those I can’t, I’ll just mention in passing, I guess. (Some projects are private, belonging to a family with images they don’t want shared; others are commercial projects under non-disclosure agreements…of which I get a lot, so there’s no sharing those, at all. Sorry.)

Anyway, this morning’s first project was a “need it now” CD jewel case that had to be brought up to professional specs. The cost to do a job like this is usually around $30 to $60 USD, for those who are wondering.

Here’s a look:

CD cover front panel
June Whittle CD cover front panel

CD cover back panel
June Whittle CD cover back panel

CD cover disk art
June Whittle CD disk panel