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New Abstract Graphic Art Available.

If interested, simply contact me via my contact form with link reference: /2016/09/new-abstract-graphic-art-available/ This one is set up for an eBook cover, but can be adjusted to suit. Non exclusive single application use: $30.

Latest Client Book Covers

I never show book covers I build unless my contract allows it, or, if for a self-publishing author, until the book is published.  Here are two book covers recently done for author S. Bradley Stoner:




Latest Client Book Cover

P.D.R. Lindsay is an awesome independent author. Again, she asked me to do the cover for her latest upcoming release, describing what she wanted exactly. This one was one of those grab the stock image, which took some hours to find, adjust the tone and values, tweak the title and byline font a bit, and it was a go.  The novel is due for release in November.



More New Artwork

More new artwork, most of it suitable for book covers or CD covers.

Finishing a Science Fiction Cover Today

Today, I’m finishing an Science Fiction book cover that I agreed to do for an author who got introduced to my work through traditional publishing channels. Today, he’s gone ‘hybrid’, which means he’s ‘indie’, self-publishing some of his own work, sticking with his trad publisher for others. I’m on the final render of one of the elements in the cover, which has an hour to go.

As I wait for the render to complete this final element, I’m putting the fine touches on the ‘space’ part of the image, which has nebulae, a couple of planets, and some dynamic splashes of color and some vectors, suggestive of a battle in space.

Once this final render completes, which has two ships colliding, with debris flying off the point of impact, I’ll layer it in, then superimpose a hazy, faded overlay of the book’s main characters, one a woman, the antagonist, one a man, the protagonist. She’s blonde, blue-eyed, and white; he is brown with a purple tinge to his eyes and his hair. They are both human-looking.

And that brings me to the problem I find with most science fiction. It’s almost always about humans. Why?

Maybe that’s why I’ll probably never release the series that follows A Gathering of Rebels by Aeros. Humans just aren’t interested in reading about aliens. Not really.

Latest Completed Client Projects – Book Covers

Just when I think I can put away my crayons and concentrate on writing, somebody successfully gets a ‘yes’ out of me. Now, admittedly, I have a soft spot for my long-time clients, so don’t judge me too harshly on my inability to stick to ‘no’.

Two of the covers I can’t show you. But Four Nails, a soon-to-be-released historical novel about Hannibal’s elephants and elephant masters, I am allowed to share. So here’s the cover along with a look at the other cover I did for this author.

Four Nails, book cover for author G. J. Berger

Burnt Rocks book cover for South of Burnt Rocks, West of the Moon, a historical novel by G. J. Berger