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Finishing Up a Client’s Book Cover

One of the odd delights of this job is that, no matter how hard I try to shake them, my clients keep coming back. I must be doing something right. Right?

Maybe it’s because I care. And, yeah, I care. I care a lot. I care that the graphic art I produce for them is what they want, how they want it, no matter what.

And I love a good client. I hate turning them away. But “life” happens, and, with taking care of Mom, now, “life” happens a LOT. But my clients are a patient bunch. When I tell them they’ll have to go elsewhere, they say, “No. We’ll wait until you can get to the project.”

So they wait. And I feel guilty. But, in the end, “life” settles down enough for me to get back to them and get their project done.

That’s what I’m doing today–putting the finishing touches on book cover for a kind, patient Indian poet. I’m down at the pixel level, working with a Wacom and stylus smoothing a pixel here, sharpening one there….

I love a good client. I love a client who loves my work.

There’s no downside to that.

And, no, I can’t show you the image because the book hasn’t yet been published.

Today’s Art

I utterly enjoy abstract. I like what that it frees one from preconceptions of and fixation upon objects and scenes.

This is today’s expression.



2014 brings me to simplify website navigation, trying to reduce confusion and option anxiety for visitors. is a very old website and there’s a lot of content here–artwork in numerous galleries, and lots of other varied content, from help files to art commentary to reviews to…well, you name it–a collection of mine and my husband’s work, thoughts, and experiments dating back years, even decades.  And, yes, it’s all still there for those who want to seek it out, but, in kindness to smart phone and tablet users, I thought I’d streamline things a bit…and provide a more cross-platform compatible environment.  (Hence using the WordPress CMS, with only the domain front page in my preferred format of straight HTML.)

I’m hoping this will make the website more practical for you. and will also give me the luxury of sharing more frequently than I’m prone to when faced with the prospect of having to update pages upon pages of static navigation.  Dynamic delivery does have its benefits, much as I hate database-driven sites.

So, here, without further hesitation, is a plain and simple for those of you who want it kept tidy and straight-forward. 🙂