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SnowSwept, Old but Beautiful Custom Artwork

front or eBook cover of SnowSwept pre-made book cover

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Originally created in 2005, I just found this it while going through my archives and it made me sit back and go “wow.” So I got busy and re-rendered it with the better rendering software we have ten years later.

I like simple. I like minimalism and monochromatic treatments…as you can tell.

Anyway, I’ve remastered it and, went the extra mile to put a spine and back cover on it in case someone wants it for a nice pre-made book cover for both eBook and for a print book.

Here’s the print book cover:

SnowSwept pre-made book cover, front

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You can find details about the image’s licensing here.

Nebula 3172015xx Hand-Painted Pre-Made Book Cover

Nebula 3172015xx pre-made book cover suitable for science fiction or fantasy

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front cover of Nebula 3172015xx pre-made book coverToday, I did something I haven’t done in awhile, which is hand-paint, digitally, a space scene. I had planned on doing more uploads to my catalog, but, after a stressful morning taking Mom to the doctor, instead I treated myself to doing what I delight in–creating art. This is the result, and it’s only offered under a standard license, not an exclusive one, so it’s not expensive, at all.

Emergence 692005, Remastered

Emergence, pre-made book cover or CD/DVD cover, the core image

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Like I mentioned, I’m going through some of my files. Here’s one.

I go through artistic periods where certain themes and certain colors predominate. Emergence, originally rendered and mastered in 2005 is numbered among what I call my whimsies. Elegant, enigmatic, and very speculative, I was working on science fiction images when I got tired of doing stars, planets, and nebula, and this “emerged.”

For a very nice pre-made book cover, I add a sister image–that which it emerges from–as a background for the spine and back cover.

Emergence, the pre-made book cover version

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Today’s Graphic Art Share

I did this the other day, but never uploaded it.

I named it “Origins” — life infinitely diversifying and self-generating .

originas, custom graphic art by professional graphic artist D. L. Keur


Today’s Art

I utterly enjoy abstract. I like what that it frees one from preconceptions of and fixation upon objects and scenes.

This is today’s expression.


Welcome to My Pre-Made Graphic Art Catalog

Like the sign says, this will be my pre-made graphic art catalog where you can find pre-made images that might suit your needs without engaging the expense of a designer. Right now, I’m just in the process of setting it up, so please excuse the bits and pieces strewn around. Within a few days, with luck and the cooperation of the live-in cyber gremlins, I hope to have the necessary applications in place and tamed down that allow you easy navigation to browse my collection.

ABOUT THE COLLECTION: Each piece of graphic art is unique and has been created by me, D. L. Keur, artist at I hold full copyright privileges, and, should you purchase the piece, you can expect an exclusive license to use the work for your project. There will be no future requests for more payment, and the license is good for your title indefinitely. The only time the license expires is when you retire the project for good.