There are very few book covers I’ve made that I actually like. Most that I like also sold with nondisclosure agreements, which is pretty standard for some of the publishers I work with.  Of those created for indie authors, maybe a quarter of them I produce are those which I’ll claim. That’s because most authors I’ve worked with have definitive ideas of what they want, and the majority of covers produced are not ones I wish my name to be associated. Here are a few I think turned out well enough to claim:

book cover by DLKeur for Michael Allan Scott's soon-to-be-released new novel, The Bullhead Murders Four Nails, book cover for author G. J. Berger Tizzie, a custom book cover by professional graphic artist D. L. Keur Glow of the River book cover Gulshan Madjur's poetry book The Speed of Dark book cover. recent graphic art project Burnt Rocks book cover for South of Burnt Rocks, West of the Moon, a historical novel by G. J. Berger Front cover of What I Found in the Dark by Clayton Bye final front book cover by artist DLKeur for the sci-fi novel Technomage by Clayton Bye