Just finished this cover for my husband’s guitar modes series. It’s one of those projects that’s ongoing on my schedule that I fit in when I’m waiting for a render to finish or waiting for something to finish its upload to Amazon or Dropbox or….

Other projects I’m also working on include a child’s severed head in a specimen jar (for somebody’s book cover), some redo-s of a cover that an author’s fans down-voted, not because the cover wasn’t awesome (44% loved it better), but because 55% prefer a more ominous look.

Another title’s cover is just about done, too, I think. Both the author and I are taking a much needed vacation from looking at it so we can see it from the rinsed perspective that a bit of time can provide. It’s a very good cover, but giving final decisions breathing room is critical.

And, of course, I’ve got some small projects for a couple of other new clients — a Facebook page header and video, a business card, and a cover for a singer’s single release.

book cover for a guitar book