Yes, I’m back in business after a few years’ pause while taking care of Mom.  Mom passed on, so, after time to recover myself, I’m back doing graphic work for myself and others. The first book cover I’ve done since reopening is one for Michael Allan Scott which, since he’s released it for preview, I’ll go ahead and show you.  There are three book covers, so far, for this series pending release, and they are crime thrillers.

book cover by DLKeur for Michael Allan Scott's soon-to-be-released new novel, The Bullhead Murders


For indie authors, prices range usually $150 – $400 USD.  For micro-publishers, the same.  All covers are exclusively licensed in perpetuity to the purchaser.  I retain copyright and rights to display.  For those wishing full copyright transfer and source non-disclosure:

For the budget-minded, I have a few covers available from which you can choose starting at $29 USD (payable through PayPal).  [CATALOG LINK PENDING]  If you need a custom design, I do conceptual mockups, my own ideas or yours, and provide an estimate on cost.  If you do have an idea in mind, send me a description of what you envision.  You can also include links to covers similar to what you desire.  Either way, in your email, please indicate the book’s genre or cross-genres, any color preferences, your book’s title and byline plus any subtitle or slug you’d like to include on the cover. Also tell me if you prefer serif, sans-serif, script, or decorative font styles.  A short synopsis of the book and, if fiction, descriptions of the main characters and any significant elements, events, theme, or symbolism would also help.  


Concept art as well as performing artist work.  Any photos you provide must be high quality.  Email for upload instructions.  (I use Dropbox for file transfer).