I was going to write an article about designing book covers…since I see so many bad ones, and, honestly, by client desire, I have myself created many very bad, even ugly book covers for self-publishing authors, covers that I would never lay claim.


Because it’s rare that I get to actually design covers for self-publishing authors.

I do for trad publishers, but not the indies. Why is that?

Because indies want what they want, and what they want is just the same ol’, same ol’–not just genre normal, but boringly so. Or they want something they’ve got stuck in their head, and it is really, really bad.  Or they want lots and lots of ‘stuff’ on their cover.

You’ve seen the covers I’m talking about, I’m sure.  And, yes, I could share some examples, but I won’t.  I don’t dare, not without raising ire.

Anyway, as I was saying, I was going to write an article about designing book covers, so, on a whim, I decided, first, to see what somebody else may have out there that’s worthwhile, and I found a gem.  I could add more observations, hints, and pointers to the author’s, along with my own perspectives, but I think I’ll leave that for another day. So, here ya go: