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Deep Woods, detail, Copyright 2001 D.L.Keur, all rights reserved.

Deep Woods, close-up print-sized detail, Copyright 2001 D.L.Keur, all rights reserved.

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art prints of this work are available from the artistDeep Woods by D. L. Keur

This is what my woods looks like in moonlight, very early in the morning when the mist clings, and, on a spring, summer or fall evening after rain. The trees are huge, wonderful, and they are the trees native to North Idaho, tamarack and cedar, 150 plus feet high, but only babies, actually.  Just under a century old.  Used to be the trees were…well, you can see the few remaining of those ancient gentle giants in the preserve up at Priest Lake.  Our plot?  It’s about all that’s left of the original inhabitants of what used to be deep forest — vestiges of what used to be.  The rest?  Logged, then replaced by insidious houses, lawns, and concrete wastelands.

Original digital art by D. L. Keur

Copyight 2001 by D. L. Keur, all rights reserved.

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