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Cosmic Origins, detail, Copyright 2007 D.L.Keur, all rights reserved.

Cosmic Origins, print detail, Copyright 2007 D.L.Keur, all rights reserved.

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art prints of this work are available from the artistCosmic Origins by D. L. Keur

Where does life originate? Does it burgeon forth, rich and opulent, from elemental matter catalyzed by some cosmic spark? I think so.

I put in textures in this work, then enhanced them, heightening their expression to mimic what my eye sees when I look closely at the skin of a leaf, the skin of a lizard, the bark of a tree, the leathery surface of a lichen. There are ridges, geometric in their lay and growth, that stretch and move. That is so intriguing to me.

Original digital art by D. L. Keur

Copyight 2007 by D. L. Keur, all rights reserved.

WEBPAGE AND CONTENT: Copyright 2007 D. L. Keur, all rights reserved.