I watch the frenetic pace of youth seeking to fill an emptiness they don’t even recognize existing.

I watch the middle aged ache with it.

I watch the elderly drown in it.

I watch.

I feel.

I weep and smile, both, simultaneously.

We are, all of us, alone–unique expressions of what is, individualized entities conscious of our independence and isolated state of existence, separate and complete, self-contained and self-defined.

It’s what makes us god-like, this alone-ness.  It’s what makes us capable of self-sufficiency, yet, simultaneously leaves us feeling insufficient.  We can’t assuage that feeling of aloneness, even when loved by another to eternity and beyond–not a mother, father, sister, brother, not a lover, not even God.  We THINK we find it there, especially God, but, once we become accustomed to the thrill of that embracing, then, once again, we find ourselves alone–unique, individualized, self-encapsulated entities.  Once again, we realize we are ‘alone.’  (And so are they.)

So, it’s this feeling of insufficiency we seek to breach, to mend, to heal.

But, in fact, there is no insufficiency.  There’s just recognizing that, in order to understand who and what we are, we have to embrace the infinity of ourselves, not seek it elsewhere beyond ourselves.

Opening up ourselves to apprehend true nature of being–our own being and everyone and everything else’s–ultimately reveals that, in fact, we might be alone in one sense, but, in quite another, in a much more all-encompassing sense, we are immersed within all else, embraced and actuated withIN all being and becoming.  Opening up ourselves to that finds a glory, and, in that eternal moment of ahah! we are filled to overbrimming in the true realization of…love–completion.

Meanwhile, open up your Self and explore, because you are infinity.

Do it.