the dead bird

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Laying still, plumage intact, no sign of harm….

Why did it die?

It was time.  The environment became hostile to its continuance here.  It ceased acknowledging existence within this realm at this temporal expression.


Many reasons, mostly man-made.

Truth — man, at war with his environment, refusing to come to peace and enter harmony with the world of which he is intrinsically a part — is, in his fear, killing himself and all cohabitants which share existence within this particular time-coordinated biosphere. 

Life is dying?

Life is always dying here. It blinks in and out of existence faster than a nanosecond. 

Life is always being born here.  It blinks in and out of existence faster than a nanosecond.

Life is intrinsic here…and everywhere.  Life is one of Tao’s ever expanding, ever changing, ever compressing, expressions of being/becoming…and, though it appears to die, to cease existence, in fact, it does not truly cease.  It only is perceived to cease…and, in fact, by this system’s measurement and rule, it ceases within this temporal stream flow of this cooperative space. 

So the bird isn’t really dead.

The bird is.  And the bird is not.  Both.  Simultaneously.

However, life as man commonly knows it here and now is dying, yes.  The environment is changing. Quickly.  Life will continue, but life will be a different expression, intrinsically interconnected and codependent with the new environment which is becoming.  This is the nature of this expression — codependence.

As the bird, so we.

it’s time by notion’s nudge

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An instance enterng inside a stream of being to express as a becoming — this is creative process as seen from inside of time.  

Within a temperal perception of existing, one pays attention when tao moves zen moment into a persistent quake demanding a becoming.  We listen.  Or we should.  You know this.  You all experience this. 

“I knew I should have stopped at the Gram’s” — this after having had the “notion” while driving home.  But you neglected the nudge and simply followed whim or routine.  Perhaps you were too tired.  Perhaps it seemed silly since you just saw Gram this morning. 

There was no logical reason for the notion to nudge, but it did, and, later, having received the news that the neighbor (who was pushed by tao to move since you hadn’t) found Gram fallen, unable to get up. 

Gram is going to be fine, but, had you listened to that notion’s nudge, you would have gotten there to change that lightbulb on the porch, and she wouldn’t have fallen taking a misstep in the dark.  Instead, she now she sits uncomfortable in a hospital bed, and you now must go twice daily to Gram’s house to feed and walk her dog, then mosey to the hospital to visit and make sure the doctors and nurses don’t treat her as something less than what she is — free, of sound mind, good health…except for that broken ankle, now, and an adult with the right and the capability to make her own decisions. 

Do pay attention to a notion’s nudge.  There is always reason.  To listen and act is to save yourself and others undue hardship and extra footsteps.

So, we have been nudged.  “Begin the teaching.  Now.  Online.”

And we listen.

Welcome to Silence Speaking the essence of zentao.